Deuteronomy 4:6

-It’s your wisdom and understanding in the sight of nations

St. John 12:23

-If you don’t die you’re not with God

Romans 5:7

-scarcely one dies for the righteous -we are to die out of carnality

Matthew 7:13 & 14

-the strait gate is the leader sent from God -the way of God is narrow and it leads to life

St. John 12:24 & 25

-If  it dies it brings forth much fruit.  When we die out of carnality we bring forth much fruit, the fruits of the spirit

Romans 8:13

-Through the spirit (the word) mortify the deeds of the body and you’ll live in God

Romans 8:5

-mind the things of the spirit in order to die daily

Romans 7:14

-the law is spiritual (through the spirit) mortify the deeds of the flesh.  Mortify a carnal mind by keeping God’s word.

Romans 8:6 & 7